Xiaohui Gao, PhD

Specialist, Ph.D

I current work in the Baranzini Laboratory in the Department of Neurology to study how the microbiome correlates with autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system. I am a biochemist and biophysicist with expertise in protein chemistry, molecular biology, bacterial genetics, and bacterial physiology. In my postdoctoral training, I investigated the mechanism of proteolysis in the gut pathogen Salmonella. I also examined the transcriptional regulation of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, which plays an important role in the human microbiota. In order to advance my transferable scientific skills, I have a long-term collaboration with biophysicists in neuron science. We are interested in how neuronal networks detect and respond to mechanical stimuli. My training in bacterial physiology / the physiological adaptation of bacteria has inspired our study of more complicated systems.