Sergio Baranzini, PhD

UCSF Finding in Animal Study May Lead to Biomarker that Predicts Course of Disease in Humans

Scientists are developing a blood test that may someday replace MRIs for people with multiple sclerosis.
By Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato, Everyday Health Staff Writer | Follow @mbloudoff

Lead Investigator: Sergio Baranzini, Ph.D.
University of California at San Francisco
Title: “The MS Microbiome Consortium: An academic multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to elucidate the role of the gut microbiota in MS”.
Summary: A comprehensive analysis of gut bacteria in people with MS to determine fac- tors that may drive progression and develop probiotic strategies for stopping progression.

Dr. Sergio Baranzini from the University of California at San Francisco receives this year’s Stephen C. Reingold Award for the Society’s most outstanding research proposal.