Our vision is that integration of knowledge across multiple disciplines will accelerate discovery. In fact, our lab is half computational (dry) and half experimental (wet) team, thus maximizing our ability to experimentally test the hypothesis we generate through our computational work.


We strive to understand the genetic causes of multiple sclerosis and how the activation or silencing of genes in specific cells confer risk.

To this end, we take a number of orthogonal approaches including genome-wide association studies (GWAS), whole genome and exome sequencing and RNA sequencing (RNAseq).

Genetics work includes:
• GWAS (and Pathway Analysis)
• Expression Profiling
• Genome/Exome Sequencing

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We focus on the study of gut bacteria (microbiota) as a proxy for environmental factors that contribute to MS susceptibility.

We perform in-vitro and in-vivo studies to understand the influence of gut microbiota in shaping both pathogenic and therapeutic immune responses. Dysbiosis of gut microbiome has been associated with development and severity of multiple sclerosis, but the mechanism still remains unclear. Our lab is a founding member of the International MS Microbiome Study (iMSMS). The iMSMS aims at understanding:

  1. How gut microbiota are shaped by diet and environmental factors
  2. How bacteria impact MS susceptibility, progression, and response to treatment
  3. How microbiota-microbiota interact to exert beneficial or detrimental effects
  4. The immunological and molecular mechanism of host-microbiome interaction involved in MS

Immunology and microbiome work includes:
• Role of IgA
• Molecular Mimicry

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Bioinformatics and Data Integration

We develop and utilize tools for analysis of large datasets. Our methods include advanced statistics, graph theory, and machine learning. Data leads to information and information leads to knowledge. We developed SPOKE, a comprehensive knowledge network composed of experimental biomedical experiments stored in public databases.

Data integration (SPOKE) work includes:
•Drug Repurposing
•Precision Medicine

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